Terms of Use

Article 1 (Application)

This agreement shall apply to all relationships between the User and our company in connection with the use of this Service.

Article 2 (Use registration) when registered

When an applicant applies for registration for use in the manner prescribed by the company and is approved by the company, he or she shall complete the user registration.
If the Company determines that the applicant using the registration has the following reasons, the application for registration may not be approved and there is no obligation to disclose the reasons for the use of the registration.
(1) The time at which an application for registration is made when reporting a false matter
(2) If a person's request may violate this Agreement
(3) In addition, if the company determines that the use of registration is unreasonable

Article 3 (Management of user IDs and passwords)

Users are at their own risk of managing the User ID and password for the Service.
Under no circumstances may users transfer or lend user IDs and passwords to third parties. If the combination of user ID and password matches the registered information and you are logged in, we will consider that the user has been used by the user who has registered for that user ID.

Article 4 (Use fees and payment methods)

Users shall pay, in the manner specified by the Company, a royalty otherwise determined by the Company and displayed on this website as a consideration for the use of the Service.

Article 5 (Prohibited Matters)

Users may not use the Service in the following manner.

(1) Violating laws and regulations or public order and morals
Conduct (2) Conduct related to a criminal act
(3) Acts that disrupt or interfere with the functionality of our servers or networks
(4) Behavior that may interfere with the operation of our services
(5) The collection or accumulation of personal information about other users
(6) The act of impersonating another user
(7) The interests of anti-social forces directly or indirectly provided by the Apostles in connection with our services
(8) Other acts, we judge inappropriate behavior to be carried out

Article 6 (Suspension of the provision of this service, etc.)

。 If we determine that we will suspend all or part of our services without prior notice to the user for one of the following reasons, we may be interrupted.
(1) In connection with the maintenance, inspection or update of the computer system related to this service
(2) When it is difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, power outages or natural disasters
(3) When a computer or communication is stopped for reasons such as an accident
(4) In addition, when
When the Company determines that it is difficult to provide this service, we shall not be liable for any loss caused by any adverse effects of the Company on the user or third party to the user or third party.

Article 7 (Restrictions on use and cancellation) is in

The Company restricts all or part of the User's use of the Service or cancels the User's registration without notice.
(1) In the event of a violation of any provision of this Agreement
(2) When a false fact is found in a registered project
(3) In addition, if the Company determines that the Services are not used appropriately, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the User as a result of the Actions taken by the Company under this Section.

Article 8 (Disclaimer) is for

The Company is not responsible for any transactions, communications or disputes between users and other users or third parties regarding this Service.

Article 9 (Changes in the content of the Services, etc.)

We shall not be liable for any damages to the User arising out of the Company's right to change the content of the Service or discontinue the provision of the Service without notifying the User. it.

Article 10 (Changes to the Terms of Use)

These Terms of Use may be changed at any time if the Company deems it necessary without notifying the user.

Article 11 (Notice or contact)

Notifications or contacts between users and the company should be made in a manner specified by the company.

Article 12 (Transfer of rights and obligations is prohibited)

Users may not transfer the use of the contract or status under rights or obligations under this Agreement to third parties or provide it as collateral without the Prior Written Consent of the Company.